Counterfeiting is now present in virtually all production sectors.


Formerly, it was much more targeted, especially on luxury clothing brands, sportswear, perfumes and accessories. Over the past decade, counterfeiting has widened its horizon. The counterfeiting of these ordinary and usual products is generally done on a large scale, under cover of commercial traffic.

Drugs are at the forefront of counterfeit products. Last year, 1.3 million pharmaceutical products were seized. Products with fantastic formula, badly dosed, and therefore very dangerous. Because besides drugs, cosmetics and toys are also potentially harmful to health. Nearly 2 million clothing, footwear and accessories - including leather goods - were seized last year, as well as nearly 300,000 mobile phones and about 100,000 electronic devices. "In times of crisis, it is normal to ensure that companies that invest to develop products do not see copies coming onto the market"



False drugs 25 times more profitable than drug trafficking

Our Anti-Counterfeiting Solution:

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TICTAG offers an authentication solution to combat counterfeiting

 By placing an NFC chip containing an encrypted certificate.


Process :

An authentication service based on public or private key cryptography, approved in the banking world for more than 20 years.

Simple and accessible to anyone anywhere, thanks to a mobile phone equipped with NFC.

A digital signature is stored securely on the NFC Tag.

Download the key to the phone to authenticate the information.

No need to access a cloud, or even access the web.

Ability to link with direct marketing and sales activities.




L'intérêt d'avoir un procédé d'anti-contrefaçon


Perte directe de chiffres d'affaires directes et indirectes.

La perte d'emploi sur notre continent.

Diminution des innovations pour les entreprises.

Risques pour le consommateur fidèle à la marque.

Pertes fiscales pour l'état.




Anti-counterfeiting solutions

Interest a process of anti-counterfeiting


Direct loss of direct and indirect turnover.

The loss of jobs on our continent.

Reduction of innovations for companies.

Risks to the consumer loyal to the brand.

Tax losses for the state.




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